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element14 triples its inventory of Texas Instruments products in Asia Pacific

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article image (L) TPS92210 LED driver, (M) OPA 171 operational amplifier and (R) TPS62122 step-down converter

World-leading electronic component distributor element14 Pty Ltd has tripled its inventory of Texas Instruments products including cutting edge LED solutions that support green lighting growth.  

element14 will provide a wide range of Texas Instruments products such as LED drivers, operational amplifiers and power to facilitate the growth of emerging technologies in Asia Pacific while giving electronic and maintenance engineers a huge boost towards more energy efficient lighting solutions.  

LED technology is increasingly being used in various electronic sectors as industries and end-users focus more on energy efficient lighting solutions. According to a Gartner forecast in 2010, LEDs are likely to experience 30% compound annual growth through 2014.  

Asian countries such as Singapore have already initiated steps towards mass LED adoption, a trend that will drive the demand for LEDs in Asia to new heights with lighting engineers in the region continuously sourcing reliable and innovative solutions.  

element14 offers Texas Instruments products via multiple channels with no minimum quantity and next day delivery to most destinations in Asia Pacific.  

According to Marc Grange, Head of Product Management, element14, Asia Pacific, there is growing interest in green lighting in Asia Pacific’s manufacturing hub, which will have a resounding impact on engineers’ demand for high performance and reliable components.  

Texas Instruments TPS92210 LED Drivers

  • High efficiency control for LED lighting applications 
  • PWM modulation algorithm 
  • Cascode architecture enables low switching loss 
  • Designed to offer maximum safety 
  • Includes open-LED detection    
Texas Instruments OPA 171 General Purpose Operational Amplifier series
  • Low-noise operational amplifiers with the ability to operate on supplies ranging from +2.7V to +36V 
  • Available in micro-packages with low quiescent current 
  • Single, dual, and quad versions 
  • Stable with capacitive loads up to 300pF    
TPS62122 Efficiency Step-Down Converters series
  • High efficiency synchronous step down DC DC converters 
  • Supports up to 75mA output current 
  • Wide operating input voltage range from 2V to 15V 
  • Advanced hysteretic control scheme that provides power save mode operation

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