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element14 offers industry-leading development kits for the Internet of Things in Australia

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article image The exclusive new open source, single board platform based on Freescale’s i.MX 6Solo processor

element14 Pty Ltd announces the availability of an exclusive range of new technologies, products and design resources to support the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a big theme for electronics design in Australia and element14 together with technology partners Freescale, Atmel and Texas Instruments (TI), among others, have unveiled a host of new solutions.

Pete Davis, Regional Director, element14 Asia Pacific said they were excited to be bringing such a wide range of ground-breaking IoT-enabling solutions to Asia geared towards inspiring engineers with the ideas and building blocks to turn the Internet of Things into a reality. One of the most important trends globally that will boost the electronics industry, IoT is expected to very soon impact nearly every segment of the economy and society.

Some of the development kits include the new open source, single board platform revolutionising the Internet of Things (RIoT) board, based on Freescale’s i.MX 6Solo processor, and supported by an active Community at element14, and application developers at RIoTboard.org.

The powerful new PSoC 4 Pioneer development kit from Cypress lets designers discover the capabilities of the new PSoC 4 programmable system-on-chip architecture, which combines Cypress’s best-in-class PSoC analogue and digital fabric with ARM’s power-efficient Cortex-M0 core.

element14 has partnered with Freescale to launch the MagniV S12ZVML-MINIBRD, a low cost and easy to use variable speed motor control development kit, which includes both the hardware and software needed to get a variable speed motor up and running quickly and is ideal for Sensorless BLDC or PMSM motor control as well as Bidirectional DC motors (H-Bridge).

Atmel’s new SAMA5D3 Xplained evaluation kit, a low-cost fast prototyping and evaluation platform for microprocessor-based design, comes with a rich set of ready-to-use connectivity and storage peripherals, along with Arduino shield-compatible expansion headers for easy customisation.

For HMI, element14 and Texas Instruments have created the HapTouch BoosterPack that allows developers to rapidly integrate haptics technology into their designs. It combines MSP430TCH5E haptics MCUs and TI’s DRV2603 haptic driver into a familiar game controller form factor.

A high performance full NFC expansion board, EXPLORE-NFC is designed for implementing external user interfaces for industrial and consumer devices that meet NFC compliance with Reader and P2P modes and Card Emulation standards. Based on the PN512 NFC solution from NXP Semiconductors, the board features an integrated antenna, extensive software package and a flexible SPI interface.

The low-power, low-cost device in the PSoC 1 family features Cypress’ new CY8C24x93 low-power PSoC1 and brings the power of PSoC to life in an ultra low-power and low-pin count configuration.

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