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element14 now supplies Johanson Technology and Johanson Dielectrics capacitor solutions

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article image X2Y filter and decoupling capacitors

element14 (formerly Farnell) has announced the addition of Johanson Technology and Johanson Dielectrics high frequency ceramic solutions to its 130,000-strong inventory as part of its global franchise distribution agreement.

element14 will now offer a variety of products from the Johanson Technology and Johanson Dielectrics' range of ceramic solutions and RF specific applications, including:

  • multi and single layer capacitors
  • RF inductors
  • LTCC based chip antennas
  • baluns
  • balanced filters
  • band pass filters
  • low pass filters
  • couplers; and diplexers.
Among the Johanson Technology and Johanson Dielectrics products now available from element14 are the X2Y filter and decoupling capacitors, a series that is specifically designed to prevent energy inference among the multitude of subsystems within electronics.

These compact filter and decoupling capacitors allow engineers to maximise their broad space and reduce assembly costs with optimal EMI suppression or decoupling function without the need for multiple components.

These filter and decoupling capacitors employ a unique, patented low inductance design, featuring two balanced capacitors that are immune to temperature, voltage and aging performance differences. These features provide optimal durability and performance for the components, leading to improved lifespan of the end-product.

X2Y filter and decoupling capacitors are versatile and have a broad variety of applications including:

  • amplifier filter and decoupling
  • high speed data filtering
  • EMC I/O filtering; and
  • DDR memory decoupling.
Technology today is continuously evolving; innovation in this regard is being driven by consumer demand for intuitive devices and industries’ need for productive and more efficient equipment. As capacitors are an essential part of almost all electronic designs, engineers are constantly challenged to source for versatile energy management solutions, which allow them to implement effective electrical regulation in increasingly sophisticated designs.

“Capacitors are fundamental components for almost all the electronics that we use today in developing technologies in the Asia Pacific,” says Ian Johnson, European Sales Manager, Johanson Technology.

“element14’s unique service propositions closely align with our business objectives in the region. We believe their multi-channel distribution network will allow engineers to easily access our high performance capacitor solutions and provide timely and relevant tools to satisfy their evolving requirements,” he continues.

“Engineers across different industries require versatile solutions to address their increasingly sophisticated high speed data applications,” says David Lok, Product Manager, element14, Asia Pacific.

“Our global partnership with Johanson Technology and Johanson Dielectrics will equip engineers in the region with the most advanced and high quality capacitors solutions, enabling for faster time to market cycles," he adds.

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