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element14 leads with 14 new product innovations for Asia Pacific in 2012

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article image Agilent Technologies’ U1230 Handheld Multimeter

Leading electronic components distributor, element14 Pty Ltd (formerly Farnell) has added the latest range of best-in-class components to its inventory to facilitate design innovations in 2012.  

Sourced from world-leading global manufacturers, these best-selling electronic components will help design engineers in Asia Pacific to keep themselves up to date with the latest solutions available across a wide range of component categories.  

According to Marc Grange, Head of Product Management, element14, Asia Pacific, major players in the electronics sectors are currently focusing more on innovations and new technologies to maintain their competitiveness.  

He adds that element14's unique service propositions including no minimal quantity order together with a broad spectrum of high performance solutions provide engineers with an excellent platform to innovate design concepts and promote the adoption of new technologies.  

The latest additions are sourced by element14 from globally trusted manufacturers such as Agilent, Arduino, Digilent, Freescale Semiconductor, Honeywell, Kentec, Lecroy, Microchip, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments.  

14 new products in element14's portfolio   

  • element14's ATMEL SAM9G45 board evaluation kits
  • Texas Instrument’s Stellaris DK-LM3S9D96 development kits
  • Kentec Electronic's EB-STM3210E-LCD expansion boards
  • ST Microelectronics’ STM32F4DISCOVERY discovery boards
  • Freescale Semiconductor's TWR-S08UNIV tower system-based development solution for pre-existing S08 and RS08
  • Microchip's DM330015 motor control starter kits
  • Texas Instruments' 430BOOST-SENSE1 capacitive sense booster packs
  • Arduino's A000047 Mega 2560 microcontroller boards
  • Digilent's chipKIT Max32 development boards
  • element14's DM3730-EVK evaluation kits
  • Honeywell's SMART position sensors
  • Agilent Technologies' U1230 handheld multimeters
  • Lecroy's Waveace 101 oscilloscopes
  • Circuitco's BeagleBoard-xM development kits

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