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element14 Asia-Pacific now stocks Renesas next-generation products

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article image Renesas RL78 MCU
element14 Pty Ltd  has expanded its partnership with Renesas Electronics Singapore to bring new microcontrollers, development tools, and discrete and memory devices to engineers in the Asia Pacific.

Renesas Electronics Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions and microcontrollers.

element14 will distribute the latest Renesas microcontroller products and solutions to engineers in South Asia and Australia, conveniently stocked in its Asia-Pacific warehouses and available in any quantity for fast delivery.

According to Tim Wang, Regional Director - Supplier and Asset Management, element14 Asia Pacific, the partnership ensures their customers get fast and easy access to Renesas’ new technologies and reduce design cycles.

He adds that element14’s unique multi-channel commerce capabilities allow customers to transact via e-commerce websites, telephone, e-procurement tools or in person at the store. The new multi-channel order history function makes the customer’s order history available to them online regardless of whether the order was made on the element14 website or other channels, facilitating a seamless ordering system and accelerating time-to-market for customers.

New products in the range include the latest Renesas 16-bit CISC 44DMIPS/32MHz MCU RL78 Series of ultimate-low-power microcontrollers (MCUs) featuring 66uA/MHZ power consumption, +/- 1% accuracy of on-chip oscillator and a unique power-saving snooze mode that reduces current power consumption by 30% compared to its earlier series.

Suitable for portable household appliances, healthcare devices, building management systems and industrial applications that require low power, the RL78 16-bit MCUs consist of product versions with 20 to 128 pins, and on-chip flash memory capacities from 2KB to 512 KB.

Renesas’ next-generation RX200 Series of low-power mid-range MCUs is designed to provide greater scalability for embedded designers moving from 8- and 16-bit to 32-bit applications. The new MCUs combine high calculation performance with new low power requirements and safety capabilities, and address the demand for MCUs of the same CPU core, allowing designers to scale the low-end to high-end market easily. Its superior architecture is well-suited for embedded applications in portable medical devices, sensors, industrial automation, small appliances, and meters.

Renesas also offers extensive products in the analogue and power device ranges such as Power MOSFETs, IGBTs, ICs and photocouplers to support various customer applications and functions demand.

Jeffrey Soh, Director of Renesas Electronics Singapore adds that element14’s expert support and unique fusion of e-commerce and a collaborative community of over 110,000 registered members allow Renesas to reach out to a larger audience base across Asia and provide solutions for their electronic designs.

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