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element14 and Freescale collaborate on new MagniV development kit

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element14 Pty Ltd introduces a new development kit designed in collaboration with Freescale.

The new MagniV S12ZVML-MINIBRD variable speed motor control development kit provides a low cost and easy-to-use motor control evaluation and development platform, and includes both the hardware and software needed to get a variable speed motor up and running quickly. The development kit is ideal for sensorless BLDC or PMSM motor control as well as bidirectional DC motors (H-Bridge).

The board is designed for engineers and hobbyists requiring a single board solution to drive low voltage variable speed BLDC/PMSM motors using Trapezoidal or Field Oriented Control.

The S12ZVML-MINIBRD development kits allow FOC and Trapezoidal Control; and include easy to use motor tuning software and libraries; S12ZVML128; 6 N-channel FETs with 5-8A drive capability; LIN connector; and onboard BDM-to-USB debug interface.

The S12ZVML development kits include single chip MCU with GDU + VREG + LIN phy + op-amp integrated; 32K to 128K Flash; Programmable Trigger Unit (PTU) synchronising conversion sequences with the PMW Module (PMF) for maximum precision and minimum CPU loading; no external components required for back-EMF sensing; S12Z CPU @ 50MHz bus speed; VREG + 5V/20mA sensor supply; LIN PHY, LIN2.1 / 2.2/ J2602 compliant; 6ch Gate Pre-Driver (GDU) with nom. 100nC total Gate Charge; Dual 12bit ADC, synch with PWM; Programmable Triggering unit with fault protection; 2x Op-amp for current; and up to 128K Flash and 512byte EEPROM.

According to David Shen, Group CTO at Premier Farnell, Freescale worked with them to produce and launch the MagniV S12ZVML-MINIBRD board through the manufacturing capabilities of Embest, a wholly owned Premier Farnell subsidiary.

He adds that the Freescale MagniV is the latest in their ever-expanding range of solutions, offering everything from starter kits to complete development boards, including the newest releases and exclusive bundles.

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