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element14 Doubles Inventory Portfolio in Asia Pacific to 130,000 to Meet Growing Demand

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element14 Pty Ltd  has doubled its inventory portfolio in Asia Pacific to more than 130,000 products over the past year to meet the growing demand from electronic design engineers and maintenance specialists across the region.  

The inventory expansion offers its customers one of the broadest electronic and maintenance products selection stocked in the region to ensure fast delivery to destinations across Asia Pacific.   

element14's regional inventory comprising of products from 3,500 leading suppliers is also complemented by its global network of distribution centres, giving engineers and purchasing professions access to a wide array of solutions.  

Gartner’s latest semiconductor report forecasts Asia Pacific’s semiconductor market revenue to grow from $181 billion in 2010 to $278 billion by 2015. The rising trend in electronic equipment demand and spending in the region reveals that revenue in Asia Pacific is expected to grow from $719.4 billion in 2010 to $1139.3 billion in 2015.  

These trends point towards an increased demand for a wide range of electronic products and component usage in the region.  

According to William Chong, Regional Director of Supplier, Product & Purchasing Management, element14, Asia Pacific, engineers are facing increasing challenges to create end products that are reliable, intuitive and technologically advanced as Asia Pacific emerges as the centre for electronics manufacturing.  

element14 has therefore, bolstered its product selections and strengthened partnerships with leading industry manufacturers to offer customers unrivalled access to an extensive product range and services that support them from product conception to production.  

Constantly innovating to ensure that its products and services evolve with the growing needs of the design engineering industry in the Asia Pacific, element14 has taken new initiatives such as the element14 knode, the acclaimed PCB design software from Cadsoft EAGLE and recent manufacturer partnerships with Pentalogix, Agilent Technologies and Johanson Dielectrics.  

element14’s extensive inventory of 130,000 is stocked at its three regional distribution hubs in Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney, positioned to support next day delivery to most cities in Asia Pacific.  

The product range includes connectors, passives, electromechanical, semiconductor and maintenance products. The semiconductors portfolio includes a wide spectrum of innovative products and technologies in analogue, logic and discrete solutions that are complemented with critical microcontrollers, embedded solutions and developmental kits.    

element14 also stocks critical PCB components in connectors, passives and electromechanical, providing total solutions that support all design and production requirements. In addition to best-in-class PCB connectors from leading suppliers, element14 also offers advanced lighting connectors as well as green and miniaturised interconnect solutions.   

As the region shifts to more advanced electronic and equipment production, element14 is well-positioned to meet engineers’ dynamic requirements for passives, not just in general purpose capacitors, resistors and electro-magnetic components, but also in higher capacitance, robust high temperature and longer life capacitors, low ohmic, tight tolerance and high power resistors and inductors, all of which support the Bills of Materials for many manufacturers in the Approve Vendor List.  

element14 has also expanded its electromechanical product offerings in the region by including critical components in circuit protection, thermal management, sensors, relays and switching solutions to support key automation and control applications across multiple industries. 

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