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Premier Electronics sees Growth in its Alipay Users in China

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Premier Farnell , the leading multi-channel, high service distributor supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals worldwide today announced that the number of its customers utilising Alipay services has shown remarkable growth in China.

Since Premier Electronics, part of the Premier Farnell group launched the Alipay payment capability a year ago, it has garnered unanimous positive reviews from electronic design engineers in China.

As the first international high service distributor to launch the online local currency payment capability within China last year, Premier Electronics brought an innovative eCommerce customer experience, providing great convenience to the purchasing experience of electronic design engineers.

Alipay, introduced in 2009 is utilised as the main payment platform and reduces the time spent on bank payments or remittances from post offices, allowing electronic design engineers to focus on their designs.

Alipay users are not only growing in numbers, but also in range and include electronic design engineers, design engineering students and state electronic scientific researchers.

The innovative strategy of Premier Electronics and its rapid responses to customers’ needs have gained recognition from electronic design engineers in China.

Zhang Bo, an electronic design engineer from Bosch says, “Premier Electronics has clearly boosted its eCommerce strategy, which has enabled me to easily purchase electronic design components for a year now. Premier Electronics has not only helped design engineers gain the most advanced design principles and ideas but also facilitated assistance from global engineers.”

Nader Tadros, Marketing and eCommerce Director, Premier Farnell, Asia Pacific said, “Premier Electronics has preceded its peers in launching the Alipay platform, utilising innovative web capabilities to better support online transactions and as a result, influence the eCommerce development of the industry.”

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