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article image The right way to test and tag.

THE Seaward PAC3760, available from FarnellInOne , is a next generation PAT tester. It conducts earth bond, insulation and polarity tests, as well as leakage current tests for Class I and Class II appliances and leads.

Leakage current testing of appliances with an electronic switch is required by AS/NZS3760:2003. Its the right way to test and tag. Otherwise, an appliance could be passed with a fault beyond the switch.

The PAC3760 powers up appliances and leads for leakage current tests at 5mA pass/fail for Class I and 1mA pass/fail for Class II.

To further improve the level of safety testing, the PAC3760's earth bond test is set at 10A. This is beyond a multimeter's continuity test and is capable of fusing a poor earth held by a couple of strands.

Other features include:

* Simple pass/fail indication.

* Unique 3-button operation: Class I, Class II and leakage.

* Automatically conducts a sequence of tests - no complicated on-screen menus to navigate.

* Powers up appliances with an electronic switch or MOV for leakage current tests with pass/fail limits 5mA for Class I and 1mA for Class II.

* Automatically senses an IEC or extension lead and conducts a polarity test.

* Automatically detects that the appliance under test is switched "On".

* Supplied complete with earth lead, IEC lead.

* Adapter and protective carry case.

The PAC3760's ease of use and smart automatic testing features make it a simple solution for all manual testing and tagging applications, whether by a competent person testing their own equipment, or a professional contractor.

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