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Matrix earplugs enhance communication

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article image Available corded or non-corded.

MATRIX cylinder earplugs, available from Farnell InOne , employ brand new materials that look familiar, but perform in a whole new way. Matrix was developed with the user in mind, and tested for comfort, fit and performance on industrial workers.

Say goodbye to rolling and waiting. Now there is no need to roll, because the unique design of Matrix allows the user to simply push the plug in and go. There is no need to wait for the plug to expand either - protection is instant upon proper insertion.

The Matrix features a super soft outer skin, which is a great match for the sensitive ear canal. Its smaller diameter low pressure foam eliminates that stuffy, plugged up feeling so familiar to earplug wearers.

Matrix is the only single-use earplug that filters out harmful noise, but lets voice frequencies in. This means workers can hear each other much better on the job, enhancing communication, safety and overall compliance.

Two class levels, class 2 & 3, help to prevent overprotection in marginal noise environments, and allow targeted attenuation in specific applications. Available corded and non-corded. Approved to AS/NZS 1270:2002.

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