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Full body harness safety device

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article image The Relief Step safety device.

THE Miller Relief Step safety device is designed to assist a worker suspended in a full-body harness avoid the effects of orthostatic intolerance, also known as suspension trauma.

The first and only safety device of its kind, the patent-pending Relief Step is easy to use and can be attached to any brand of full-body harness for added short-term safety and comfort to the user.

Miller Fall Protection senior product manager Tracy Lang said if a fall occurred, a person became suspended in the harness and remained both vertical and sedentary for a period of time, causing blood to 'pool' in the veins of the legs.

“Subsequently, blood flow is restricted to the brain and other major organs that may initially result in unconsciousness. If not rescued promptly, serious injury or death can occur."

The Relief Step easily deploys when the worker activates a clearly-marked tab. The worker inserts one foot into the web loop-step enabling them to alternate between standing and hanging while awaiting rescue.

This movement permits leg muscles to flex, stimulating blood flow and eliminating the cause of suspension trauma. Utilising two (2) Relief Step safety devices is recommended for added support, balance and comfort.

* Features include: can be attached to any brand of full-body harness, easy to use.

* Benefits include: reduces incidence of suspension trauma.

The Miller Relief Step is another innovative safety solution available from Farnell InOne to assist employers in protecting their employees working at heights.

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