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Farnell launches Microchip starter kit

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The “world’s smallest microcontroller”, the PIC10F206 from Microchip is now available from Farnell InOne in an exclusive bundle starter kit. The 6-pin Flash devices provide solutions for design engineers in many markets not previously served by microcontrollers, such as easy bug fixes for ASIC and PCB designs, replacing standard logic and timing components, or traditional mechanical timers and switches, says Farnell.

The bundle starter kit includes five samples of the PIC10F206 chip, as well as the PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit and the PIC10F adapter conversion Kit.

“Discovering a bug in an ASIC or a PCB can have devastating consequences for the design, potentially creating time-to-market delays and even scrap costs,” claims Ferdinand Leicher, director of electronic design and product management at Farnell. “Often, the design issue is simple, accommodated by changing the functionality of a single signal using a microcontroller.

“In addition, the development time for a microcontroller-based system is faster and easier than designing an entirely new ASIC or PCB. By including the low-cost PIC10F 6-pin devices in a PCB design from the start, bugs, late changes and other measures can be implemented with ease and little expense.”

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