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Element14 expands its product range with MMA8450QT accelerometers from Xtrinsic Sensing Solutions

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Element14 (formerly Farnell) expands its 130,000 products inventory with the introduction of cutting edge Xtrinsic Sensing Solutions from Freescale, a leader innovator of sensor technology.

Featuring intelligent contextual sensing that enables sensors to have decision making capabilities, the Xtrinsic Sensing Solutions component creates and manages a diverse portfolio of sensors, providing multiple inputs and extracting maximum amount of information from the environment.

These multiple sensor types organise their data coherently through advanced, modular integration, allowing the right combination of leading sensor types, logic and other building blocks to build smarter and more applicable data to solve case needs effectively.

These sensing solutions provide engineers with interpreted sensing information and control over sensing decisions, through the ability to make sophisticated calculations and decisions based on the context of their environment through the use of algorithms. This provides innovation and maximum efficiency for engineers’ designs.

The Xtrinsic Sensing Solutions’ MMA8450QT is a smart low-power, accelerometer that provides 12-bit data with first in, first out (FIFO) to accomplish complex gesture recognition and position detection.

The embedded FIFO buffer enables analysis of gestures and user programmable algorithms more efficiently. This function prevents data loss on a shared I2C bus and saves up to 96% of system level power of the total power consumption savings by allowing the applications processor to sleep while data is logged.

MMA8450QT accelerometers also have two programmable interrupt pins, allowing the monitoring of the two functions independently.

Some of the MMA8450QT accelerometers features and benefits include:

  • Access to both low pass and high pass filtered data - minimising data analysis required for jolt detection and faster transitions.
  • Configured to generate inertial wake-up interrupt signals from any combination of the configurable embedded functions - allows the monitoring of the component’s events while remaining in a low power mode during periods of inactivity.
The Sensing Solutions’ accelerometer applications include:
  • Static orientation detection
  • Real-time orientation detection
  • Activity analysis
  • Motion detection for portable power saving

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