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Bourns PWR221T-30 series power resistors stocked by element14

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article image Bourns PWR221T-30 series power resistors

Element14 recently announced the addition of PWR221T-30 series power resistors, manufactured by Bourns, to its inventory portfolio.

Used in a range of different configurations of power supplies, these power resistors are primarily deployed to absorb the inrush current caused by the switching action of a power device such as a MOSFET or IGBT, or to measure and control the current used in the power supply as a shunt.

The resistors feature a high power rating, low inductance and high power threshold, making them well suited for a variety of telecom and industrial applications, including:

  • current limiting
  • capacitor discharge; and
  • current measurement circuits.
With a power rating of 30W at 25 degrees Celsius, PWR221t-30 series power resistors can withstand the heating effect that occurs when a large current passes through, making them a solid choice for applications where the capacity to handle an increased amount of voltage is required.

The power resistors are also suitable for use as components in electronics such as:

  • air conditioning equipment
  • medical equipment
  • wind power generation machines; and
  • high power microscopes.
The advanced alumina ceramic technology used in these devices provides a number of advantages over conventional power resistors. A ceramic backplane allows the power resistors to disperse heat more effectively when placed against a heat sink, while low inductance properties increase reliability and performance.

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