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Electronic systems from Electronic Service Company

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Electronic Service Company  provides services that include repair, design, manufacture, installation as well as maintenance of industrial electronic systems. Electronic Service Company is also involved in custom designing of electronic products. Comprehensive range of products designed by Electronic Service Company uses hi-tech electronics. This company has the capability of designing electronic products suiting customer’s specifications. Electronic Service Company houses qualified and trained electric technicians as well as comprises of vehicles equipped with test equipment, spare parts and service documentation.

Various services offered by Electronic Service Company include electrical design, engineering and servicing, software design, project management, mechanical design and engineering, complete electronics assembly as well as electronics installation and maintenance services. Electronic Service Company has been involved in electronic maintenance as well as breakdown services since 40 years. Electronic Service Company also distributes diverse range of measuring systems and electronic controls manufactured by Heidenhain.

Other services provided by Electronic Service Company include power supply repair as well as installations, design, manufacture as well as repair of printed circuit boards, prototype design as well as manufacture, retrofit of spot welders and retrofit of milling machines.

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