Lantronix EDS1100 Secured Serial to Ethernet Industrial Devi

Lantronix EDS1100 Secured Serial to Ethernet Industrial Devi
Ethernet Data Speed: 10/100Mbps
Serial Data Speed: 300bps to 921Kbps customizable to non standard baud rate
Serial Protocol: RS232/RS422/RS485
Web Server: Yes, 4MB+ customisable
PoE: No
Security: SSL v3, SSH v2 Client & Server, Selectable 128/256/512/1024 Bit certificates Encryption: AES, 3DES, RC4 Authentication: SHA-1, MD5, Base-64 User Access Lists
DC Input: 9-30VDC
Operation Temperature: -40⁰C to 85⁰C, IP30 rating
Isolation and Protection: 15 KV ESD protection, 1500 VAC isolation
Size: 90x64x22mm
Protocol Supported: Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TFTP, Telnet, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, LPD,DHCP, SSHv2, SSLv3, SNMP v2, Auto IP, RSS, ARP, ICMP, SYSLOG, AES, SMTP, DNS, BOOTP, PPP, RFC2217
Lantronix EDS1100 Secured Serial to Ethernet Industrial devices Server from Elecom Electronics Supply

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