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Edge PLM Software announces new version of Siemens’ Femap simulation and analysis software

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Edge PLM Software announces the latest version of Siemens’ Femap software featuring significant enhancements in data handling and graphic performance. 

Siemens’ Femap software increases engineering productivity in product development, simulation and analysis. New enhancements in Femap 11 ensure data’s speed access is increased by up to 25 times while reducing memory usage by up to 80 percent, resulting in a smaller and more manageable model file. Dynamic rotation of large, complex models is at least five times faster than the previous version. 

The latest version of Femap software will allow engineers to speed up finite element analysis, while maintaining product quality and performance. A contributor to Siemen’s product lifecycle management software business unit, Femap is the world’s leading pre and post processor for engineering finite element analysis (FEA) running on the Windows operating system. 

Cong Yuan, a Femap 11 beta tester at NST, an engineering consulting firm engaged in the development, marketing and technical support of CAE (computer-aided engineering) application software is very impressed with the performance of Femap 11. For instance, they were able to significantly reduce processing time while keeping the computer resource usage low using one of the new features. Reopening a large analysis result file was also over 200 times faster. 

Femap 11 creates additional engineering productivity support through the creation of geometry from a finite element mesh when no underlying geometry is available. This enhancement simplifies modification and enables legacy finite element models that previously took hours to update to now be done in a few minutes. 

Barry Bevis, Managing Director of Edge PLM Software comments that the enhancements in Femap 11 improve productivity and product performance by enabling engineers to review results data faster and perform more thorough and complete analysis of complex engineering problems. 

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