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Portable reactive phosphate monitor

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ECOTECH has announced the release of the Ecotech portable reactive phosphate monitor. The monitor was developed in conjunction with Monash University and is now manufactured under licence by Ecotech.

It is designed to provide a very low detection limit and a rapid response for filterable reactive phosphate. Conductivity and temperature are also measured and salinity is automatically calculated.

The analyser achieves a very high sensitivity with detection limits for reactive phosphate of less than 1µg/L and a typical response time per measurement of only 20 seconds.

This is due to the use of rapid sequenced reagent injection in combination with a multi-reflection flow cell.

Due to the use of reagent injection, reagent use is minimised with more than 1000 measurements performed using only 20ml of reagent. Automatic reference calibrations can be easily configured providing for a very high level of reliability.

Two models available:

* Rapid Spatial Monitor. This light weight, rugged and portable 12V dc powered instrument with its rapid response, low detection limit and incorporating a global positioning system input is ideal for chemical mapping of surface waters.

Applications have included plume mapping of waters from research vessels. Typical sample throughput is 180 measurements an hour thus allowing a detailed plume profile to be constructed.

* Permanent Monitor. This automated real time monitor is suitable for fixed-point deployment for catchment, stream, river or waste outfall monitoring.

When combined with discharge data, on-line measurements of concentration can be used to provide frequent on line nutrient load determinations. Frequency of auto-calibration is operator selectable.

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