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Insect control solutions from Ecomist Australia

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Ecomist Australia  supplies odour and insect control services to the residential and commercial sectors in Australia. Ecomist Australia was established in 1992. Major areas where Ecomist Australia provides solutions are insect control, in store fragrancing, odour control and hygiene.

Ecomist Australia helps in the elimination of insects in homes, commercial and agricultural units across Australia. Programmable aerosol dispensers are used for insect control by Ecomist Australia. These are environmentally friendly and easily installed. In homes, Ecomist Australia uses natural Pyrethrin to rid homes of mosquitoes, ants, flies and the like.

In commercial units such as hotels, bakeries, and bars, the Ecomist Australia automatic dispenser forms an invisible barrier that prevents the entry of insects. Ecomist Australia offers a 24 hour protection from mosquitoes, ants, flies, wasps and the like with the help of natural Pyrethrin.

Livestock and cattle in agricultural units can be greatly disturbed by insects of various kinds. Ecomist Australia reduces this stress by eliminating insects in farms and stables. This in turn increases livestock productivity considerably. The application of the Ecomist Australia insect control aerosol dispensers does not leave behind any residue or trace.

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