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Encapsulation treatment systems from Ecologic International

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Ecologic International  is a supplier of wastewater treatment and water recycling equipment. Ecologic International supplies RGF emulsion splitting plants and encapsulation treatment systems in Australia for applications across mining, golf course and many other water treatment applications.

The encapsulation treatment systems from RGF will provide:

  • Multiple safety system controls
  • Ability to handle a wide range of waste
  • Waste stream specific chemical encapsulation agents
  • Free water and operating cost analysis
  • Good controls
  • Auto self-cleaning process tank
  • Low operating cost
  • Free pilot studies and testing
  • Fully automatic, easy-to-use, versatile
  • Meets National Electric Code for indoor maintenance facilities
  • Typical filter cake meets T.C.L.P. standards
  • Computerized process and safety system

Emulsion splitting plants are designed to treat or recycle waste streams from industries such as:

  • Latex manufacturing plants
  • Paint and die manufacturers
  • Carpet manufacturing plants
  • Glue manufacturing plants
  • Texture coatings manufacturers
  • Metal working coolants
  • Parts washing waste
  • Oil water emulsions
  • Silk screen painting
  • Creosote plants
  • Dioxin

The collected wastewater is stored in a holding tank (optional) after free oils and heavy solids have been removed. The water is then automatically transferred to the ESP System processing tank. The water is pre-mixed with the QF Series Floc which is added automatically.

The programmed mixing cycle creates a rapid floc which separates and then encapsulates the contaminants removing them from the water. The encapsulated material is then allowed to settle, separating the solids from the water. The now filterable sludge is dispensed to a filter belt for dewatering.

The filter belt is automatically advanced when the filter becomes clogged. The filtered water is collected in a tray and directed to discharge or collection. The collected and dried sludge in many cases meets disposal standards for non-hazardous landfills and T.C.L.P. tests.

It is recommended that EPA toxicity tests be conducted to determine the leachability of individual filter cakes.

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