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Hydrolab Minisonde 5 (MS5) available from ECO Environmental

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ECO Environmental  supply the Hydrolab Minisonde 5 (MS5) for spot checking water chemistry analysis, monitoring boreholes and waterways, and enhancing remote telemetered systems.

Manufactured to be durable and withstand harsh field conditions, the Hydrolab Minisonde 5 (MS5) offers a compact and lightweight multiprobe design for either profiling or unattended long term monitoring.
The Hydrolab Minisonde 5 (MS5) has a diameter of just 45mm (1.75”), making it ideal for the monitoring of 50mm (2”) environmental monitoring wells.

Up to ten parameters can be measured simultaneously by the Hydrolab Minisonde 5 (MS5). Measurements using LDO optical sensor technology (i.e. DO, Turbidity, Chlorophyll a, Blue-Green Algae, Rhodamine WT) are also possible.

The Hydrolab Minisonde 5 (MS5) is powered 8 AA batteries, can store up to 120,000 measurements and has an operation temperature range of -5 to 50C.

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