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Lutron VT-8204 vibration meters available from ECEFast

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Vibration measurement is expensive and difficult but there are new devices delivering accurate and repeatable measurements at a moderate cost. An example of this style of instrument is the Lutron VT-8204, available from ECEFast , which incorporates a laser non contact tachometer and a contact tachometer with wheel for linear velocity measurement.

The Lutron VT-8204 vibration meter can deliver measurements of:

  • Acceleration: 0-200M/sec^2 RMS and Peak
  • Velocity: -200mm/s RMS and Peak
  • Displacement (p-p): 2mm
  • Tachometer: 5 to 100000RPM
  • Surface speed: 0.05-2000m/min

Data can be logged on demand, or at time intervals up to 1000 points and downloaded to a PC for analysis with optional software. The Lutron VT8204 vibration meter can play a part in a condition monitoring programme for rotating machinery, or for comparing operating conditions with allowable limits of vibration, for example, to protect structures. The sensor supplied has a magnetic base, which may be unscrewed, for non-ferrous targets and special fixtures may be required such as bond on studs.

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