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ITAG3 Pro data loggers from ECEFast for temperature monitoring

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ECEFast  presents the ITAG3 Pro data loggers, a unique range of single use temperature logging tags designed for shipping and transport applications.
Temperature monitoring during transportation has become mandatory for different types of goods that need to remain in controlled temperatures for the duration of the journey. If exposed to out-of-range temperatures, perishable goods such as vaccines or food run the risk of damage.
Food for instance, is at risk of bacterial growth when exposed to high temperatures. Food quality and appearance can also be affected by freezing, or higher temperatures. Therefore, both shipment owners and shipment carriers have interest in verifying the temperatures are controlled correctly.
The ITAG3 Pro is a range of disposable temperature data loggers designed for straightforward operation as they do not require programming and do not feature start/stop button, LEDs or alarms.
At the end of a trip, the tag cover is removed, and the data logger is plugged into a PC’s USB port to generate a PDF file automatically with a complete trip report saved to a directory. A key advantage of the ITAG3 Pro data logger is the absence of operator input or software.
ITAG3 Pro temperature loggers can be used for logging periods from 1 hour to 60 days.

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