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Excalibur thermocouples available from ECEFast

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Excalibur thermocouple, available from ECEFast , is suitable for continuous use at 1170°C for several months. The swaging process causes the sensor to have compacted MgO, eliminating air from the thermo elements and assuring long life at stable calibration. The swaging process is also used to close the end of the tube, and achieves this at ambient temperature, so no metallurgical changes occur in the parent metal. The swaging process is an alternative to welding.

The Excalibur thermocouple is made in diameters from 18 to 25mm OD, and is suitable for combustion environments up to 1250°C. Lengths can be made above 2M, and most process connections can be accommodated.

The sensors are typically type N or K, and the standard sheath material is the superalloy Inconel 601. The Excalibur thermocouple is heavy duty, with Sched 40 tube in ½ or ¾ sizes and wire sizes of 2.7-3.2mm. As a result of the construction, the sensor is failsafe for leaks in dangerous environments, when the metallic sheath fails after long service.

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