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ECEFast's Eurotherm 3000 Series controllers allow for excellence in control, ease of use and provide flexible and creative solutions, they can also be used in many applications to solve problems and save valuable time and money. 

Simple to implement and easy to operate 3200 Series
Quick start codes; automatic help text; custom text messages and an auto-tune that really works ensures the 3200 range makes high performance control easy.
  • Out-of-the-box operation using QuickStart code for fast initial set-up
  • Internal timer and set point programming
  • Simple integration with PLCs and PCs using Modbus protocol
  • One shot auto-tuning for quick and easy commissioning
  • Easy operation with scrolling text custom alarm information
  • Heater failure detection and integral ammeter display
  • Increased flexibility in application solving with recipe selection
  • Economical solution for multi-zone operations with analogue remote set point or communications
Advanced 3500 Series
The 3508 and 3504 include advanced features and options make them capable of small machine control. They provide flexible I/O options to control and measure a multitude of processes including temperature, carbon potential, humidity, flow, pressure, level, viscosity, additive dosing and many more.
  • Flexible units with input and output modularity - up to 6 I/O slots with 15 different module types and up to 20 more I/O with external expander option
  • Dual loop control processes with two interactive variables
  • Precision PV measurement combined with high performance control
  • A host of maths, logic and timing features along with zirconia and humidity function blocks
  • With free iTools software, the Graphical Wiring Editor makes easy work of creating flexible solutions not possible in standard controllers
  • Easy system integration with standard industry protocols – Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus and DeviceNet® 
  • OEM Security protects intellectual property
Eurotherm makes a truly world-class product, supplied by ECEFast the trusted instrumentation experts for over 75 years, Eurotherm products are supported by a team of dedicated engineers who understand your process and will provide complete assistance from sales and installation through to life-time servicing.

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28/06/12 - ECEFast introduces Invensys Eurotherm’s nanodac recorder/controller designed to bring together video recording and PID control in a single unit.
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17/04/12 - Newport’s new data acquisition system for monitoring temperature, humidity and barometric pressure is easier to install using existing wireless networks.
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15/11/10 - Raytek MI3, available from ECEFast is the third generation development of a line of high volume miniature infrared temperature transmitters featuring advanced functions.
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01/11/04 - COMARK, represented in Australia by ECEFast, has added BioCote antimicrobial agent to some of its electronic thermometers and data loggers. This provides an extra level of defence against the spread of potentially harmful organisms via cross contamination.

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