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Range of conduits available from EC&M Electrical

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article image Ramflex PU flexible liquidtight conduit

Ramflex PU flexible liquidtight conduit range is available from EC&M Electrical .

The conduits are fully encapsulated by a polyurethane jacket that is tough, impact resistant and hardwearing. The conduits have a steel core and a traction resistance to 1000 N.

These features make the conduit ideal for use in abrasive environments found in bulk handling applications (e.g. conveyors) in quarries, mines, minerals processing plants and washeries.

The PU Flexible Liquidtight Conduit is also ideal for use where safety issues are a major concern, e.g. enclosed spaces like tunnels and subways, power plants, oil refineries and so transport systems.

The range is flame-retardant, halogen-free and low smoke to IMQ 01SC00072. No chlorines or metals are used in the manufacture.

Being halogen-free means there are no waste disposal issues. The material can be re-used and recycled safely, as well as used in landfill, or incinerated, without any danger to the environment.

Other features include UV-resistance, high temperature resistance, low toxicity and non-corrosive. In the event of a fire, the conduits give off minimal flue gases.

The conduits can also be used in hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centres and airports, where the visibility of the exit signs, in the event of a fire, is an important consideration.

The conduits are crush resistant to 1250 N and comply with AS 2053 (Parts 1 and 8).

Being flexible, the conduit has an advantage over rigid material like metal pipe, which is difficult to bend.

Using the correct fittings, this conduit range meets IP 67 protection requirements. The conduits are available in different sizes ranging from 10 mm to 63 mm.

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