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ebm-papst Moves from Q Motor to iQ Motor for Greater Efficiency

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article image New iQ motor for greater efficiency

ebm-papst A&NZ  introduces the new iQ permanent magnet motor (PMM) that offers better performance and efficiency over the Q motor.  

With the launch of the new iQ motor, ebm-papst has broken the barrier that restrains engineers from improving efficiencies in existing refrigeration equipment.

Key benefits of the new iQ permanent magnet motors include reduced energy costs, lower waste heat and fulfilment of environmental protection commitments.  

Integrated EC technology has significantly increased the overall standard of motor technology.  

The new iQ PMM motors are high efficiency ventilation motors capable of achieving greater levels of efficiency that result in increasingly shorter payback periods for the end user and the environment.

Switching over to the new motor technology is worthwhile whenever an old shaded-pole motor should be replaced or energy-savings are desired.  

The switch to the high efficiency refrigeration motors pays off for the environment and the user.  

For instance, iQ motors installed in a small supermarket with 40 fans having 200mm impellers and a 34º pitch offer the following results: 

  • Energy savings of 70%, corresponding to 7.5 MWh per year
  • 4.4 fewer tonnes of carbon dioxide released into the environment

Retrofitting existing equipment with high-efficiency iQ motors provide lifetime savings that improve the bottom-line.

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