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Series 9 Single Phase Input/Output UPS Systems from Eaton Electric Systems

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article image Series 9 Single Phase UPS System

Eaton Electric Systems  supplies an advanced range of UPS products designed to protect equipment and data during power outages.  

Eaton 9130 single phase UPS systems from their Series 9 UPS line manage utility power problems while delivering superior power protection for IT and networking equipment, medical systems as well as manufacturing process control equipment.  

Series 9 UPS systems are suitable for any environment where critical equipment and applications require clean, continuous power.  

Eaton 9130 UPS systems are designed to continuously monitor power conditions regulating both voltage and frequency. Even when presented with severe power problems, the UPS’ output remains within three percent of nominal voltage.  

Featuring a wide input voltage range, the Eaton 9130 UPS systems do not depend on batteries to manage minor power fluctuations. Batteries are conserved for those times when utility power is highly unstable or completely out.  

If an outage occurs, the Eaton 9130 draws power from the battery with zero interruption, making it an ideal UPS for sensitive as well as critical equipment.  

Technical specifications: 

  • Technology: Series 9 (Online, Double Conversion)
  • Rating: 700VA – 6000VA
  • Model: Tower cabinet

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