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High Quality Multimeters
The Kyoritsu range of Analogue Multimeters and Digital Multimeters have been designed and developed to offer a level of performance that very few electronic test and measurement equipment can reach.

Versatile Analogue and Digital Multimeters
Eaton's range of precision multimeters can offers excellent accuracy, covering various applications from engineering and technician quality multimeters to electrician instruments.

Kyoritsu Analogue Multimeters Range
The range of analogue multimeter indicators offered by Eaton Electric Systems include:

  • Model 1106: Simple to use multimeter, with a mirrored scale allowing for accurate and easy reading
  • Model 1109: Built for durability and toughness with a a fuse and diode protected circuit
  • Model 1110: Robust and clear case offers excellent reliability in industrial applications

Kyoritsu Digital Multimeters Range
The range of digital multimeter indicators offered by Eaton include:

  • Kewmate 2000: These pocket size multimeters have been designed to offer excellent reliability and durability, and meets the IEC61010-1 CAT.III 300V international safety standards
  • Kewmate 2001: Using state of the art technology, these multimeters are capable of measuring AC and DC currents up to 100A
  • Model 1030: A pen type digital multimeter, that offers a simple to operate interface and a lightweight design
  • Model 1018/1018H: Capable of displaying up to 4000 counts, these multimeters have a diode and capacitance test feature
  • Model 1009: Designed to offer energy saving features, the 1009 automatically turns itself off after 30 to conserve battery life
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