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Eaton Filtration have a wide selection with hundreds of different gas and liquid separators. When a standard model isn’t right for an application, Eaton Filtration engineers can work with customers to create a custom fabricated model that fits the application requirements exactly.

Removes 99% of damage that causes moisture and solid particles
The Gas and Liquid separators from Eaton Filtration are high effective at removing damage that can cause moisture and solid particles. Other features include:

  • Can be installed in steam distribution lines for a clean, dry steam
  • Reliable and highly efficient for moisture separation applications
  • Provides protection for compressors, turbines and other equipment
Wide variety of applications
The Eaton Gas and Liquid Separators can be used in the following:

  • Steam Drums
  • Steam Turbines
  • Intercooler Equipment
  • Aftercooler Equipment
  • Gas Well Heads
  • Deep Well Heads
  • Oil Extraction
  • Chemical Processing
  • Scrubbing Systems
  • Evaporator
  • Glycol Dehydration
  • Sulfer Condenser
  • Mist Elimination
  • Heat Exchangers
  • ReactorsLandfill/Waste Gas
Models within the Eaton range include Type T Gas Separators, Type 31L-ST Gas Liquid Separators, Type TS Vertical Gas Separators, Type DTL Dry Type Gas Liquid Separators, Internal Type Gas Separators, Type 30L In-Line Gas Liquid Separators and Type 10-R Two-Stage Gas Separators.

Gas Liquid Separators by Eaton Filtration have been the Industry Standard for over 100 years. These are used to remove 99% of damage causing moisture and particular matter from air, gas, and steam pipelines and protect valve able system components like air compressors and turbines.

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07/05/12 - A major Canadian bread manufacturing company has installed mechanically cleaned filters from Eaton Filtration to improve workplace safety.
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