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Graphical assembler now covers 101 chips

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article image Develop applications within hours.

SINCE its release at the World IT Conference in 2002, the power and ease of Corechart graphical assembler has enabled first time users to start developing PIC microcontroller applications within hours.

Now, South Australian-based eLabtronics has extended this software technology to professional users.

The flowchart-like graphical assembler maintains machine level flexibility, code size, and execution speed. The system almost documents itself by generating flowcharts and encouraging top-down programming with comments at every level.

Standard ASM files are generated and can be sent to Microchips MPLAB IDE with a single click. This means microchip tools can still be used and assembler files from previous projects or the internet can be pasted in and used - even edited. Microchip technical manuals are also available with a single click.

The new subroutine modules allow the user to more easily develop programs for new applications such as A to D, EEPROM access, frequency-tacho readings, I2C-24LC256 memory access, interrupts, keypad, LCD, PWM, RS232 and arithmetic modules. This subroutine library can be expanded by the user and then imported to different chips.

Corechart Professional supports four PIC10F and nine PIC12C baseline chips plus 76 PIC16F midrange chips and 12 PIC18F advanced series chips, giving a total of 101 chips.

Sixteen common programmer types are supported for direct download, including JDM, serial, parallel and Microchip's PICkit USB programmer.

Example projects on the CD include LDR levels, stepper motor control, water level sensors, greenhouse temperature control, and interrupt-based real time clocks.

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