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eGov  specialises offering electronic service delivery in the public sector. eGov mainly offers e-government services. The electronic service delivery products offered by eGov include egrants.com, egrants.desktop, egrants.monitor, egrants.geocodes and eagrant mobi.

eGov offers egrants.com for offering governmental sectors with electronic service delivery. egrants.com from eGov is a secure service desk for grant recipients and applicants. The grant recipients and applicants who have been referred to egrants are capable of registering and applying for grants. They can also provide additional information regarding their application and can download funding agreements. The members who have been registered under egrants can also monitor the progress of their applications and funding process in real time. These members can also consult program-specific FAQ with eGov. eGov offers members with the right to submit milestone reports and final reports at any time. The grant recipients and applicants who have been referred to egrants can offer completion reports to eGov.

eGov also offers geocoder and rain water tank models. The geocorder from Egov is designed to find latitude and Longitude of Street addresses which lie within Australia. The rain water tank model from eGov is designed specifically to offer a "ballpark" estimate of the amount of rain water that may be harvested with a water tank in Australia

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