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New addition to 1620 series of automotive circuit breakers available now from E-T-A

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E-T-A ElectroTechnical has recently launched the 1620 series of circuit breakers which represent an innovative new circuit breaker type suitable for use in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

At the time of the initial product launch, the 1620 series of circuit breakers was limited to two versions; the type 1 (12 VDC – automatic reset) and the type 3 (manual reset – 12 and 24 VDC). More recently, the series was extended to include the type 2 (12 VDC) version circuit breaker.

The type 2 SAE J553 circuit breaker is designed with “modified reset”, meaning the contacts will remain open after tripping in the event of overload or short circuit as long as power is applied to the terminals. The breaker will be automatically reset only upon switching off the ignition or the load in question. This modified reset feature is accomplished through a heating element in which a minimum limited residual current will flow.

The type 1620-2 requires only one third of the holding current required by other circuit breaker models available on the market. Since it's launch, E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications has experienced strong demand for this type of proteciton concept from OEMs and tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry.

The Type 1620-2 circuit breaker is available in seven ratings, from 5 to 30 A. The current rating is marked on the device and the moulded housing is coloured correspondingly as specified in DIN/ISO standards. This allows quick and easy replacement of fuses or circuit breakers made by other manufacturers.

Other key features of these circuit breakers for automotive applications include:

  • production on a fully automatic assembly line with multiple test steps, leading to 100 %quality
  • innovative heating element which reduces housing and terminal temperature after tripping
  • suitability for high ambient temperatures up to 105°C
  • moulded housing with clear colour low holding current – increasing lifespan of the battery and reducing C02 emission
  • space saving design – suitable for fuse blocks and central electric boxes for MINI fuses.
Typical loads protected by type 1620-2 circuit breakers include:
  • seat adjustment motors
  • windshield wipers
  • power outlets in the vehicle
  • electric sunroofs
  • power outlets for trailers
  • all loads which often cause fuses to blow
For all of these applications, the circuit breaker significantly increases reliability and safety of a passenger car or truck.

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