DC 24 V Overcurrent Protections ESX10 from E-T-A Electro Technical Applications


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Essential safety and efficiency in production equipment, Electronic Circuit Protector ESX10 prevents dangerous machinery operation during failure by selectively disconnecting systems with a safety PLC.

Faster response in critical moments the ESX10 achieves effective protection via active current limitation.

High performance overcurrent protection in overload or short circuit to prevent expensive downtime

  • Customised equipment safety integrated during point of design for reduced retrofitting expenses
  • Quality assured with EN60204-1, CE accreditation, UL EN, CSA and IEC compliance
  • Enhanced with pre-wired power distribution systems to decrease expensive installation and wire costs
  • Efficient control of current limits to values between 1.3 to 1.8 times the selected rated current of the circuit protector
  • Clear illuminated failure and status recognition with multicolour LED and short circuit resistance status output
  • Compact dimensions of 12.5mm for easy installation and space conscious application in control cabinets
Reliable selective disconnection of DC 24 V load systems, intelligent ESX10 from E-T-A Electro Technical Applications advanced innovations helps protect your operations in event of failure from overload or short circuit. E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications information and contact details


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