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Cable assemblies, antenna's and RF equipment offered by Dynmast

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Dynmast  manufactures quality cable assemblies, antenna's and RF equipment for various industries and government organisations.

Production of Dynmast is outfitted with dedicated test instruments such as thermoline thermal chamber for temperature cycling cables, HP8753B, HP8720D and 8495E vector network and spectrum analysers, supplementary items such as precision Schleuniger 207 and inspection microscopes, CS5400 cable stripping machines, automated test software and pin depth gauges.

Dynmast offers quality products through exclusive arrangements with a dedicated manufacturing team, leading suppliers of component and technical staff.

Products offered by Dynmast are divided into various categories such as antennas, cable assemblies, coaxial cables, connectors, wireless LAN, GPS, UHF and microwave.

Various electrical types of antennas are available from Dynmast including loaded ¼ wave, full ¼ wave, 1/2 wave, 5/8 wave, colinear 5/8 over ½ wave, colinear 5/8 over 1/4 wave and so on.

Loaded 1/4 wave type antenna is electrically a 1.4 wave and this wave type antenna is relatively shorter than a full size 1/4 wave antenna.

The loaded 1/4 wave type antenna is accomplished with a loading coil by which a segment of the electrical length of the antenna is placed in a coil positioned along the radiating elem

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