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Dwyer’s extensive range is functional and specified to many industries. The range includes:

  • The SERIES CDT Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitters accurately monitor the CO2 concentration and temperature in indoor environments to help achieve energy savings. For increased sensor accuracy, a single beam dual wavelength nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor is used to automatically correct the measurement in both occupied* and unoccupied buildings against light source aging effects. The single beam dual wavelength sensor technology provides the highest level of accuracy compared to Automatic Baseline Correction methods which can unintentionally shift the calibration based on CO2 levels and barometric pressure conditions. In order to achieve a higher level of accuracy, the Series CDT includes digital barometric pressure adjustment and the ability to field-calibrate the sensor. For applications that require visual indication, the wall mount configurations of the Series CDT can be ordered with an integral LCD display. Push buttons are standard on all configurations of the transmitters for access to the menu structure, but wall mount configurations can be ordered without the buttons. To prevent tampering, the action of the buttons can be locked out using an internal dip switch selection.
  • The SERIES GSTA & GSTC Carbon Monoxide/Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Transmitters monitor gas concentrations in mechanical rooms, underground parking garages and loading docks. The carbon monoxide transmitter is used to measure the exhaust of gasoline engines, while the nitrogen dioxide transmitter is used for diesel engines. The Series GSTA features field selectable current and voltage outputs while the Series GSTC features BACnet or Modbus® communication protocol, allowing gas sensing solutions that can be used with almost any building management controller.
  • The SERIES RHP Temperature and Humidity Transmitter combine the voltage or current humidity transmitter output with a passive temperature thermistor or RTD output. Featuring polymer capacitance humidity sensors, models are available with 2%, 3% or 5% accuracies. Duct mounted transmitters are available with an optional two-line alpha numeric LCD display.
  • The SERIES CDTV Carbon Dioxide / Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Transmitter reduces energy cost in buildings by lowering the amount of conditioned air based on the occupancy of the space. By detecting both CO2 and VOC, the transmitter can also detect fumes that may need to be exhausted during lower occupancy periods. Combining both measurements in one transmitter reduces both labour and material costs by only having to install one CDTVVOC unit, instead of separate CO2 and VOC transmitters.
  • The MODEL OSC-200 Omnidirectional Occupancy Sensor helps to automate building control systems. A spherical Fresnel lens provides a 360° detection zone with the use of infrared technology. The MODEL OSW-100 Wall Mount Occupancy Sensor is an infrared sensor designed to help automate building control systems. The Model OSW-100 has a wide 110° viewing angle to capture movement up to 49.2´ (15 m) away.


  • Lighting control
  • Building energy conservation
  • HVAC applications in hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings
  • Demand control ventilation
  • Odour control

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