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Automotive testers from Durst Industries

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Durst Industries  offers wide range of automotive testers including RT-701 universal regulator tester that facilitates testing of four operating phases of EP regulator. The digital electronic regulator tester has easy to read digital display and also has a cut out circuit that ensures protection against damage.

Durst Industries provides automotive electrical regulator tester that is used for load testing batteries with cold cranking current. Durst Industries is a manufacturer of an array of portable and high capacity load banks. The mobile jump starters supplied by Durst Industries are reliable and strong and can also withstand high pressure.

Durst Industries offers various varieties of clamp meters and adaptors and automotive oscilliators. The scope meter offered by Durst Industries is ideal for diagnostic double shooting. The heavy duty batteries are suitable for tractors, trucks, mining, earth moving aircrafts and various other equipments.

The duty batteries aids in providing the correct load for cold cranking, high rate discharge, and hour testing. The BT-2003f battery load tester has vented steel case and rubber buffers. Durst Industries offers products and services catering to individual requirements and specifications.

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