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Floor cleaning scrubbers from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Duplex Cleaning Machines  possesses 20 years of experience in providing floor cleaning machines that are suitable for a wide range of surfaces. Duplex floor cleaning scrubbers are designed to have small size and contra-rotating brushing thereby providing the advantage of single-handed operation. The scrubbers are also said to be easy to manoeuvre.

Duplex floor scrubbers are available in three sizes namely the Duplex 340, Duplex 420 and Duplex 620. While the Duplex 340 is a mini portable floor scrubber designed for regular carpet cleaning activities in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas, the Duplex 420 is medium sized and used for the cleaning industries, hospitality, food processing and healthcare sectors.

The Duplex 620 is a large portable floor scrubber with a base large enough to reach larger spaces. This product is mainly suitable for cleaning carpets at event centres and factory warehouses that have rough flooring. In general, Duplex Cleaning Machines’ portable floor cleaners are suitable for floors such as Flotex, natural stone, profiled ceramic and profiled rubber, safety and sports flooring, vinyl, timber as well as all carpet surfaces.

The Dupla 500 portable floor cleaner is designed for completely washing carpets and floor surfaces in a ‘soak mode’ and is equipped with four brushes for cleaning. Duplex Cleaning Machines also provides portable truck mounts for floor cleaning jobs.

Sweeping and scrubbing activities are integrated in the Escalator Cleaner product of Duplex Cleaning Machines.

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