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BatVac Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaners from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Duplex Cleaning Machines  offers the BatVac 50 walk-behind battery-powered vacuum cleaners for industrial and commercial cleaning applications.  

BatVac industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to replace manual and ineffective cleaning of large warehouses or factory floors using brooms that can leave a trail of dust particles affecting valuable stock and staff health.

BatVac 50 battery-powered vacuum cleaners by Duplex Cleaning Machines feature a wide 730mm vacuum squeegee and a large 50-litre vacuum recovery drum. The vacuum cleaners are ideal for fast cleaning of large hard floor areas, especially when operated in laps.  

The BatVac 50 has a cleaning efficiency rating of almost 2000m² per hour. Capable of up to three hours of operation on a single battery charge, the vacuum cleaners can help achieve a lot of cleaning in a short period of time.

Key features of BatVac 50 battery-powered wet/dry vacuum cleaners: 

  • Battery-powered machine offers complete operating freedom from any electrical cables
  • Helps improve OH&S by reducing trip hazards and allows cleaning of areas where electricity is not readily available
  • Can be used as a wet vacuum for cleaning up liquid spills
  • Long hose provided for awkward areas such as between racking or around machines
  • On-board charger with battery indicator
  • Simple controls for operation
  • Fast emptying function
  • Dry dust filter
  • Durable rotational moulded vacuum drum
  • Solid ¼ inch steel chassis
  • Tough and reliable construction

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