Reduce Cooling Costs and Lower Carbon Footprint with InfraCOOL Technology from Dulux AcraTex


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Dulux InfraCOOL Heat Reflective Coatings reduces heat penetration, therefore air conditioning running times are reduced, saving energy costs in the long run. 

Dulux InfraCOOL optimise the Total Solar Reflection of a treated surface and create more sustainable structures. InfraCOOL Technology means surfaces reflect both the visible or “coloured” light plus invisible infrared light which accounts for over 50% of the sun’s total light energy.  

Workplaces remain cooler for longer
Dulux InfraCOOL Technology complies to ISO 9001 Quality System and ISO 14001 Environmental Accredited Manufacturer standards of advanced coating systems. 
  • Lower your cooling costs due to less heat penetration
  • Achieve energy savings up to 20-40% 
  • Improve occupancy comfort in non-air conditioned facilities such as workshops and warehouses
  • Ensure cooler working environment, improving productivity and stability of stored goods
  • Reduce power consumption and associated greenhouse gasses which is good for the environment and for you
Cool Roofs provide excellent energy efficiency
Dulux InfraCOOL® heat reflective roof coatings offer maximum cooling and energy efficiency. Dulux Cool Roof White reflects over 90% of the sun’s total light energy thus maximises reflection of both visible (colour) and invisible (infrared) providing maximum cooling efficiency.

Maximum Solar Reflection 
Dulux InfraCOOL® coatings reflects more the of the sun's energy, keeping surfaces up to 40°C cooler in commercial and industrial buildings. InfraCOOL® coatings heat reflective coatings ensures cooler occupancy zones, lowering cooling energy demand and thus delivering cost and energy emission savings. 

It doesn’t have to be White to be COOL
Dulux InfraCOOL colours target the 50% of the sun’s invisible Infra-Red radiation to keep  surfaces cooler-so even dark colours can be made cooler. InfraCOOL Technology is an option for most colours across the standard 962 Roof Membrane Colour range. Dulux AcraTex information and contact details


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