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UPS available from Dueltek Computer Products

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article image UPS to minimise blackout effects

Dueltek Computer Products  offer UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that can be attached to a user’s computer.

According to the country’s power regulator, China may face nationwide electricity blackouts due to inadequate power coal supply.

According to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC), increasing coal supply pressure has forced domestic power plants to stop operation occasionally.

Another threat to electricity supply comes from the power grid itself. The design capacity of some power supply facilities in the country fell short of the actual demand, according to the SERC report.

Daily power black outs are common in cities that have an inadequate ratio of power supply to population. The reality is that when everyone is using their air conditioners at one time and sucking the power grid dry, a black out is inevitable. Yet, power failures can be minimised by being prepared.

The UPS from Dueltek Computer Products can minimise the effect of power failures. With the UPS, a user will have time to save all the work and shut down the system safely before the blackout could turn the computer off and potentially corrupt all the data or damage the hard drive.

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