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Self Contained Tri-Dart Valves by Dual Valves

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eDart self contained Tri-Dart valves supplied by Dual Valves are pre assembled and calibrated before being shipped to site.

Wear resistant Tri-Dart valves with 'drop in' style The self contained Tri-Dart valves can be simply dropped in your installation and bolted down.

  • Built using mild steel with polyurethane and mounting bars
  • Wear resistant polyurethane protected, wetted parts make up the inside components
  • Customised to your specific requirements
  • Control or on/off purposes
  • Full head guiding
  • Anti-rotation device
  • Stroke indication

eDart self contained internal dart valves are suitable for for 2 meter deep tanks, smart splitter boxes, feed distribution boxes, small flotation machines and conditioner tanks.

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Question: 27/11/12 - We do not make plug valves, but we offer dart valves. Our dart valves use a static plug and vertical movement design and these can easily accommodate ... read more

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