Poppet Sampler for Meeting composite or Shift Sampler Requirements

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A stainless steel and polyurethane construction, the Popper Sampler offered by eDART is a simple and compact design. The robust and inexpensive construction samplers are used as successful samplers for slurry.

Features of the Poppet Sampler

  • Eliminates product spillage
  • Compact design
  • Line pressure not exposed to atmosphere
  • Water flushing if needed
  • Low maintenance
  • Local manufacture
  • Robust design and construction

The Poppet Sampler is Suitable for the Following Uses

  • Composite sampling
  • Daily shift or composite sample
  • Grab samplers
  • Sampling campaigns

Built for improved safety, the Poppet Sampler is a compact and economical sampler suitable for extracting a fixed volume slurry sample from the process line. 

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