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Heavy Duty Slurry Ball Check and Lockout Valves

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Heavy Duty Slurry Valves have a unique design of a ball check valve that can easily handle suspended solids while also incorporating a hand wheel mechanism to lock the ball on the seat in the closed position.

Lockout is via a chain on the hand wheel, this combination is widely accepted to be far safer practice than the standard swing check or traditional non return valves.

Dual Slurry Ball Check Valves

  • Housing – carbon steel or Stainless Steel options
  • Lining – unlined with elastomer lining option available
  • Ball – carbon steel, urethane coated - replaceable
  • Seat – AR carbon or Stainless Steel – replaceable
  • Flanges - AS, ANSI, DIN, SABS or BS
  • Option to lock ball onto seat

Dual Valve

  • Housing- High quality carbon steel or stainless steel 
  • Pressure- 0 to 100 bar
  • Ball- Rotating and floating, self adjusts to the flow
  • Size- 80 to 600mm

Dual Free Flow Valve

  • Housing- High quality carbon steel or stainless steel 
  • Size- 80-600mm
  • Pressure- 0-100 bar
  • Ball- Self cleaning and long life due to ball rotation

Dual Slimline Free Flow Valve 

  • Housing-  Carbon steel/ cast steel/ stainless steel
  • Size- 40-600mm
  • Pressure- 0-100bar
  • Ball- reinforced urethane or rubber ball

Slurry handling valves are suitable for mine dewatering or tailings, mining and mineral processing, chemical and soda ash, power generation ash disposal, pulp and paper, sand and mineral processing, environmental and effluent.

Extensive factory and site tests applied to all designs ensure final products worthy of the Dual nameplate.

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