Industrial-grade Breathalysers: Highly Accurate, Reliable & Australian Standard AS 3547-1997 Certified.


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Drug Detection Solutions provide reliable, accurate, industrial-grade, breath-alcohol testing instruments suitable for workplace safety and compliance requirements.

Designed for use across the mining, construction, transport, security, commercial or law enforcement industries, all of our devices use fuel-cell technology and are Australian Standard AS 3547-1997Certified.

We currently offer two main models to cater for your specific requirements:

AlcoVUE® Industrial-grade Breathalyser

Robust industrial designs with accurate readings

Truly a state of the art instrument, the portable AlcoVUE® Industrial-grade Breathalyser offers both quantitative (direct) and qualitative (passive) sampling to detect Ethyl Alcohol from a valid breath sample.

  • Australian Standard AS 3547-1997 Certified
  • Fuel cell technology
  • 2.4” colour touchscreen
  • Quantitative and qualitative sampling modes
  • Recall readings of previous breath-alcohol tests
    • Create unique user profiles for individual test subjects
  • Stores up to 10,000 recordings and can be downloaded to PC
  • Optional Bluetooth® printer kit

ALCORapid® - Alcohol Screening Analyser

Hygienic Breathalysers with no mouthpieces required

Suitable for zero-tolerance environments, the ALCORapid® Alcohol-screening Analyser provides a rapid, non-contact pass/fail (qualitative) method of detecting the presence of Ethyl Alcohol from a valid breath sample.

  • Australian Standard AS 3547-1997 Certified
  • No mouthpieces required - highly hygienic and low cost per test
  • Simple pass / fail mode for zero-tolerance environments
  • Includes luminous baton and torch functions for traffic safety management applications
  • Typically used for fast, cost effective screening of large groups of people
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