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Using the right lifting equipment at the workplace

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Using the right tool for the job is an important part of workplace safety and efficiency.
Given the comprehensive range of cranes available, it is important to use the appropriate lifting equipment for the task at hand. Cranes can get bigger lifting jobs done quicker, safer and more efficiently than ever before in different environments, with the range including jib cranes for workshops to mobile heavy lifters at construction sites.

It is very important to select the appropriate crane for the job as the right crane will deliver obvious benefits such as cost effectiveness, time savings, productivity and worker safety. Conversely, using a crane that is not suitable for lifting the load could lead to serious injury or death.

Space is an important factor when considering the type of crane. For instance, jib cranes utilising electric chain hoists are ideal for most industrial situations where small to moderate lifting is required. Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, jib cranes are usually installed in a fixed position with a horizontal arm and cannot be manoeuvred at other angles, making then unsuitable for many situations and much heavier loads.
Outdoor environments such as construction sites may not have similar space constraints, allowing use of larger cranes such as bridge cranes and tower cranes. These highly specialised cranes require the operators to be completely trained in the operation.
Major industries rely on cranes to carry out their work efficiently with time and cost savings. Analysing the application of cranes in these industries will help new users gauge their own requirements and select the right type of crane.
For instance, steel manufacturers use overhead cranes that are adapted to carry out different tasks, even to the point of using magnetic devices to help lift heavy objects.

The transport industry is a tried and tested proving ground for efficient lifting, from container cranes at shipping ports to the railways where heavy tracks are lifted into place using highly evolved machinery. The construction industry has also played a pivotal role in developing cranes for all situations, ranging from a tower crane on top of a skyscraper to a mobile lifter used to place concrete tilt-up panels in place. 

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