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Improving productivity with cranes

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Productivity is a key component in industries where any change can impact the profitability of the company.
Companies are consequently focussing on improving their productivity, which can be done not only by assessing the way work is done but also by evaluating the equipment being used in operations. Having the right equipment plays a big role in improving productivity and overall efficiency. Even a small shift in the type of gear used can have a big impact on productivity. This applies, in particular, to smaller factories and workshops where hoists and jib cranes utilising an electric chain hoist are most predominant and an essential part of everyday operations.
For instance, by switching to a crane that can lift bigger loads, the workshop can cut down the time it takes to move material. Or selecting a more flexible crane that can reach higher, further and faster than others can also boost productivity. Businesses should therefore carry out a complete assessment of their operations and equipment to help uncover better ways to work including ensuring the use of the right crane.

A simple upgrade of old lifting equipment from overhead cranes to simple workshop hoists can make a huge difference in terms of the time it takes to complete tasks. An important factor when upgrading is taking into account the cost of new equipment and how it will affect the bottom line. Basically, businesses will want a return on their investment in the shortest amount of time, and this will have the biggest bearing on the modernisation of cranes or any other machinery. Sometimes upgrading current equipment is a more cost effective solution.

In addition to modernisation of equipment, companies must also monitor the way their workers carry out their jobs as this has a significant impact on productivity. Safety and efficiency are the over-riding factors in any work environment from one-man workshops to construction sites employing thousands of workers.
Industries that use cranes are among the most heavily regulated when it comes to safety as accidents can result in serious injury or death. Accidents will also cause downtime, which cost money, so having safe work practices makes good moral and financial sense. Therefore, the way a job is carried out is also of utmost importance and reviews of tasks can often uncover more time efficient ways of doing them without compromising safety.

Streamlining the workplace increases efficiency. Conversely, an inefficient layout, extraneous materials and poor planning are going to be costly for any business. Efficiencies can be introduced at the workplace, for instance by grouping all materials related to the same task together so that the crane need not move from one end of the factory to the other end over and over again to pick up and move materials. Simple changes can have a huge impact on productivity while a tidy and organised workspace will make operations run more efficiently and safely.
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