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Ertacetal Metal Replacement Thermoplastic from Dotmar EPP

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Ertacetal from Dotmar EPP is a porosity-free hydrolysis-resistant general purpose acetal product.  

A metal replacement thermoplastic that machines like bronze, Ertacetal, Dotmar's trade name for acetal provides high strength and stiffness coupled with enhanced dimensional stability and easy machining.  

As a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material, acetal also has a low coefficient of friction and excellent wear properties, especially in wet environments.  

Acetal’s moisture absorption is quite minimal as tested according to method 1 ISO 62 with a percentage moisture ingress value of 0.85% at saturation in water of 23°C, and 0.20% when saturated in air at 23°C and 50% relative humidity.  

Acetal's low moisture absorption results in excellent dimensional stability for close tolerance machined parts.  

In high moisture or submerged applications, rudder bearings, stern tube bushes and wear pads manufactured from acetal rod, sheet and tube outperform nylon 4 to 1.  

Ertacetal is ideally suited for close tolerance mechanical parts and electrical insulators which require strength and stiffness.  

Dotmar offers a copolymer grade of acetal known as Ertacetal (Acetron GP). It is porosity-free and offered as standard general purpose grade.  

Ertacetal C (Copolymer) acetal contains a low-density centre, especially in larger cross-sections.  

Ertacetal C also offers better chemical resistance, making it the preferred acetal for food contact and medical applications. Ertacetal C natural is FDA, USDA, NSF, Canada AG and 3A Dairy compliant.  

Key benefits of Ertacetal rods and sheets include:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent machining capabilities
  • Good creep resistance
  • Very low stick-slip
  • Physiologically inert
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Continuous use at temperature of 115°C
  • Parts operate in water up to 90°C

Ertacetal plastic applications:

  • Precision gears
  • Bearings with close tolerance
  • Electrical engineering insulations
  • Snap fit assemblies
  • Parts for pumps


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