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Compact fertiliser injector for vertical gardens and greenwalls

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article image MixRite 1 compact-sized fertiliser injector
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Dosing Systems Australia has introduced a new system designed for simple and efficient fertigation of vertical gardens, greenwalls and indoor plant gardens.

Tefen’s MixRite 1 is a compact-sized fertiliser injector that operates silently, making it ideal for installations in close proximity to showrooms or office space. Recommended for drip fertigation where minimal irrigation is required, the injector will start injecting fertiliser at a flow rate of 0.33 litres per minute.

For vertical gardens, the MixRite 1 has an adjustable injection rate of 0.2% to 2%. The fertiliser injector is designed for a maximum water flow of 16 litres per minute. Since the system is capable of operating at low flows, complete fertigation can be achieved with minimal wastewater being discharged to drainage, encouraging an environmentally responsible practice.

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