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Dormer expands its carbide milling program

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article image New introductions support milling operations in non-ferrous and difficult to machine materials

Dormer Tools has introduced several new ranges of cutters to strengthen its solid carbide milling programme. The new products include additions to existing cutter families as well as completely new ranges such as corner radius and super finishing cutters.

Dormer’s multi-application carbide milling range now includes numerous unequal helix, corner radius and ripper variants, greatly expanding the options available to customers seeking multi-material versatility and consistent performance. Designed primarily to improve production efficiency, the new cutters are recommended for use in a wide range of machines, applications and material types with benefits including reduced inventory and time savings on tool changeover.

The multi-material machining programme also includes three chamfer cutters, available with 60°, 90° or 120° angles; new ball nose cutters featuring several surface finishes and rake angles broadening the application range across the full spectrum of material types, extending to hardened steels (up to 63HRc); and four flute corner radius end mills featuring unequal helix geometry and a variety of corner radii for smoother cutting action and increased corner life in a range of tough applications including fillet radii machining.

Two new cutter families target milling operations in a wide range of difficult-to-machine materials including stainless steels, titanium and nickel alloys.

The first range features unequal helix and unequal pitch geometry and supports operations from slotting to semi-finishing, serving to harmonise the cutting action by reducing vibrations, benefitting tool life and enabling use of increased cutting data while also improving surface finish and reducing microchipping.

The second range consists of multi-flute super-finishing cutters available with aluminium titanium nitride or titanium silicon nitride coatings, and featuring very high helix and low rake angles for consistent performance and tool life in target materials, including hardened steels, stainless steel and titanium and nickel alloys.

Dormer has also introduced several new single and two flute cutters to support milling operations in aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. All cutters feature highly polished surfaces to reduce friction between the surface of the tool and the workpiece, promoting fast, efficient, swarf evacuation and reduced machine downtime. A true diamond coated version is also available for highly abrasive materials.

All Dormer cutters are available in a variety of cut and overall lengths to suit a range of operations.

Detailed information on all new milling cutters can be found in Dormer’s rotary tooling catalogue to be released in November.

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